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New Year, Fresh Start

New Year, Fresh Start

Many of us start off the New Year with lists of resolutions to pave the way for the best year ahead. Making and keeping resolutions requires more skill than most realize – especially when it comes to making resolutions for the whole family.  However, if tackled properly, we can set our families up to soar in 2017.

Whether the goal is to get more organized or spend more time together, the best way to bring about results is to get everyone involved in the resolution making. By having their voices heard, kids will feel empowered and committed to the results!

So, why not get the conversation flowing by having a New Year’s resolution planning party for the family? Make sure to keep it fun and welcoming by serving some popcorn and having lots of bright colored pens and Post-it® Notes scattered about – this will be sure to get everyone excited about the resolution-making process.


Need some ideas to kick-off your own New Year’s resolution planning party? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Start by reviewing the past year.

To make sure everyone feels inspired, adhere a Post-it® Dry Erase Surface on the wall and write ‘Highlights of our Best Family 2016’.

What were the highlights? The summer vacation at the beach? Seeing the cousins who live far away? The addition of a new puppy and how everyone came together to take care of her? Reminiscing about great times from the previous year will set the conversation off on the right foot and get your family thinking about ways to make the coming year even better!

Each person can add to the doodle board with their own marker, or one person can act as a scribe and write them all down.  Alternately, each family member can write their thoughts on a Post–it Note® and stick it to the board. It should look like a big cloud burst of words and phrases.

Now, put your attention on the year ahead.

On another Post-it® Dry Erase Surface write ‘Our Best Family Yet for 2017!’ and get your family thinking about what can make the coming year even better.

If your kids are stuck for ideas, you can help get them started with your own ideas. For example: Yell less, have more peaceful mornings, have less stress, plan more family games night, support a charity, give more consistent allowances.

Building the resolutions.

Once everyone has the hang of it and you have generated a lot of Post-it® Notes, look to see if there are a few major themes for grouping the Post-it® Notes.  Have the kids read all the notes too and ask them for ideas of how to group them.  The more you involve the kids in the process the better.  We want them to be stakeholders in how the family operates too.

Of course the real work comes in implementing resolutions, so begin working together to turn each theme into manageable commitments or resolutions.

Good goals should be S.M.A.R.T.: Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound

Creating all your plans and resolutions could take several more meetings,  so move your Post-it® Dry Erase Surface to a less conspicuous place and re-adhere it to the wall when the next family meeting occurs bring it back.  Alternatively – snap a picture on your phone.

Happy 2017!

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