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DIY Dry Erase Board

Now that school is in full swing, don’t let the excitement of “back-to-school” fade away. Staying organized is the key to success when handling a busy schedule; that’s why I created this fun and stylish DIY message board using the Post-it® Dry Erase Surface. A colourful DIY that helps keep you on track! Read more below to learn how you can make one of your own.

Skill level: Intermediate

Time needed: Approximately 1.5 hour (plus drying time)

Post-it® Brand supplies:

Post-it® Dry Erase Surface

Post-it® Super Sticky Notes – Miami Collection

Post-it® Dry Erase Cleaning Cloth

Other supplies/tools:

Utility knife
Felt Pen
2 Nails
5 Screws
Spray Paint
Foam core
Drop cloth


The first thing you’ll need is a frame. You can use the frame of a mirror or painting – you’ll be removing the contents anyway.

Pro tip: More ornate frames can be on the expensive side so try checking your local thrift store. I found this frame at a second-hand shop not far from my home.

To begin, remove the artwork from the frame. From there, you can use your choice of spray paint to give the frame a fresh new look! I was inspired by the colours of the Post-it® Super Sticky Notes – Miami Collection and chose a vibrant blue to match. Make sure you lay down a drop cloth and either do this outside or in a well-ventilated area. Don’t forget to spray paint the hooks as well! Leave overnight to dry.

The next step is to attach the hooks. In this case, I decided on 5 hooks but you can use less or more, whichever you prefer J  Depending on the thickness of your frame you’ll need screws that are approximately ½” to ¾” long- any longer and the screws might split the wood. Use caution.

Start by standing the frame upright and use a felt pen to mark the thickest part (the safest place to insert the screw) at both ends of the frame.

Then, using your ruler, measure the distance between the two dots and divide by 4. In this case it was 18” divided by 4 = 4.5”. Mark accordingly.

Next, to help the screw go in with ease, first prep the area with a nail and hammer. Gently hammer in a small nail just a few centimeters, then remove. From there, you can easily screw the hook in place.

Important note: When selecting a screw, make sure the head on the screw is larger than the hole in the hook, otherwise it won’t hold it in place. Also, make sure you have the appropriate screwdriver to match your selected screw head (phillips with phillips, slotted with slotted etc.)

Now you’ll need to cut your foam core to fit the frame. First, measure the inside of the frame and then repeat the dimensions onto your foam core. Use a utility knife to cut and make sure to exercise caution.

Now you’re ready to apply the Post-it® Dry Erase Surface. Unroll the Post-it® Dry Erase Surface and line up your foam core with the corner. Mark around the foam core using a felt pen, then cut along the line with scissors.

From there you can peel back the blue protectant to reveal the sticky surface. Make sure your foam core is free of debris and carefully place the sticky surface of the Post-it® Dry Erase Surface onto the foam core. Then, using the Post-it® Dry Erase Cleaning Cloth, gently press down over the entire area to make sure both surfaces are firmly adhering to one another. Once that’s complete, you can use your scissors to trim away any excess material.

You’re almost done! Now you’re ready to place your DIY Dry Erase Board into the frame. Make sure the Post-it® Dry Erase Surface is facing forward – if necessary, use tape to hold it in place.

Now all you need to do is decide where to hang it 🙂 I chose to hang mine near the front door; that way, I can keep track of my schedule and quickly glance at any important reminders. I also decorated mine with my favourite Post-it® Super Sticky Notes – Miami Collection and even used them to write down positive quotes that myself (or my guests) can grab on the way out. Tell me, how do you use your Post-it® Dry Erase Surface?








Looking for more home décor DIY tips? Feel free to check out the Scotch® Brand blog Inspiration That Sticks for plenty of tips J

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