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Freshening Up Your Home For The Holidays

The holidays are here! That means that a lot of us are going to be entertaining. It may be tempting to think about doing a big renovation overhaul before holiday entertaining, but to me, that’s a recipe for disaster. Renovations take time, and delays happen. The last thing you want is to host your holiday party when your living room is torn down to the studs!

If you’re looking for a great way to freshen up your space for the holidays, I recommend adding a fresh coat of paint.

I always tell homeowners, there’s a reason we have skilled tradespeople who do these jobs (such as painting). This is a skill – and you can definitely tell the difference when a paint job was done properly versus a haphazard coat of paint getting plastered all over your wall. So if you’re going to tackle a job like this yourself, I warn you, you will have to live with the end result.

Now if you still want to continue to paint your home after that warning, then I have a few tips that will hopefully help you. First things first, move your furniture out of the way, and use a good painters tape to cover up anything you don’t want to get the paint colour on, such as your trim, ceiling, and more. Before putting any paint on the walls, take a damp cloth (with most of the moisture squeezed out) and wipe down all of the walls to get rid of any dust, dirt, grime so the paint really sticks.

Priming your wall is a key step

I suggest re-priming your walls before putting the colour on so that the paint sticks, and so you don’t have to put as many coats of the colour on. A priming coat also has the benefit of offering additional protection for the material being painted. This may matter less for your walls – but definitely something to think about if you have smaller painting projects to do around the house.

Label your paint cans

Once you select your paint colours, one thing I recommend to people is to label your paint cans. This is especially important when you have multiple people helping with the painting, so there is no confusion about which paint goes in which room. Post-it® Extreme Note is great for labeling the paint cans and you know it won’t fall off. Often times I see people doing an accent wall. We did a few of them on Holmes+Holmes as well. A good thing to do is to label the accent wall with the Post-it® Extreme Note to communicate to your painter or helper which wall you want as the accent.

Multiple coats of paint

In my experience, I usually end up putting 2 coats of the colour paint on the walls. In between coats, I find it helps to place another Post-it® Extreme Note on the walls so I don’t forget which walls have one coat or two. I’m on a lot of job sites, and sometimes it can be hard to keep track!

Now that you’re armed with my painting tips, I wish you luck! I hope your paint job is bold and colourful – and exactly what you want. Happy painting!

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