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How to organize a yard sale: Sell your stuff and make some cash

Somehow, we always seem to accumulate a bunch of stuff we don’t need anymore. Whether it’s too many books, kids’ clothes and toys, or old furniture you’ve replaced with something better, selling your stuff can be a quick way to make a few dollars and get some clutter out of your garage, basement, or attic.

Hunt for your sale items
The first step is to find everything you can sell. Recruit all members of the household to go through their possessions and designate what’s eligible for the sale. Give each family member a pad of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, each in a different colour, and have them put a note on any item they might want to sell. Then do a walkthrough and decide what makes the cut – and what should go straight to the garbage, instead.
garage sale pic 2
Label your items by price
Colour-coding is an easy way to label items at your sale. Get some Post-it® Flags and designate each colour as a price – it usually works best in simple increments like $1, $5, or $10. Then, simply mark each item with the appropriate colour, make signs with Post-it® Big Pad sheets, and hang them on your tables to tell your customers what the colours mean.
garage sale pic 3
Get together with other people on your block
See if you can coordinate with other houses on your block and hold a joint sale. Bringing together everyone’s stuff can be a great way to attract more business and get everybody a little more profit. If you do have a joint yard sale, use 2 in x 2 in Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to label each item with a price, making sure to assign each household a colour. When an item is sold, remove the note and put it on a sheet of paper or in a notebook. Then, at the end of the sale, you’ll be able to total each household’s notes and divide up the money accordingly.

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