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Summer vacation: How to organize your summer plans so everyone has fun

Are you still trying to figure out where to travel to with your family this summer for vacation, and having a tough time starting your plans?

School’s out for summer soon, so here’s some organization tips to get your planning started!

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The Post-it ® Brand Team

Get everyone involved
No matter how big, or small, your family is, everyone should get a vote for where they would like to go. Call a family meeting and give everyone a few Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to help brainstorm ideas.

Do your research
Once everyone has selected their ideas, get some materials – brochures, guidebooks, travel magazines – and use Post-it® Flags and to mark pages you need to refer to, or make notes in the margins with Post-it® Note Tabs.

1Mark your calendar
Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the calendar isn’t important! Noting events on the family everyday schedule keeps everyone on track and keeps you from having to answering the same questions over and over again. When you mark big events, like vacations or trips, everyone knows when to get ready – and when to start getting excited!

Create a staycation inspiration wall
Brainstorm things everyone can do at home on Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and stick them somewhere visible, like a door in the kitchen or an entryway wall. When someone complains about being bored (you included), they can go get an idea from the wall.
2Display your memories
Keep the vacation fun alive by displaying your photos with Scotch® Poster tape, on the fridge, on the wall or wherever they’ll remind you of your trip.

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