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Tips for parents: Stay Connected to your kids

Technology is wonderful thing, but communicating exclusively through social media or via text message during the school day can create gaps and distance in interpersonal relationships with your kids and other special people in your lives.

To avoid any hiccups or misunderstandings in your communications with loved ones, rely on Post-it® Products to maintain a presence in your kid’s day – before, during or after school.

The Post-it ® Brand Team

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Post-it® Brand Supplies: Post-it® Notes, Post-it® Super Sticky Notes

  1. LUNCH NOTES. When your child brings lunch to school, leave a note in the lunchbox or sack. Or simply draw a funny picture. It can help with bonding and make them feel special and loved.
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  2. INVITATION TO PLAY. For many kids, the first move they make when they get home is for the iPad or computer. Leave a Post-it® Note on the tablet cover or keyboard challenging them to a collaborative game like Words with Friends or Draw Something at a time when you can take a break from work.
  3. TREASURE HUNT. If your kids get home from school before you get home from work, leave a trail of clues on Post-it® Notes that lead them to a special snack. Or to a collection of notes that describe what you love about them.
  4. CLASSIC STORIES. If your child is reading a classic story that you read as a kid, leave a Post-it® Note to mark your favorite passage and tell them why. It shows you share something in common while reinforcing the value and importance of reading.
  5. GOOD MORNINGS. If you leave for work before your kids go to school, leave a Post-it® Note on the breakfast table or door to let them know you’re thinking of them.
  6. REMOTE REMINDERS. Are your assignments done? Is your room clean? Use a Post-it® Note near the TV remote to serve as a reminder to stay on task before screen time.
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  7. STEERING WHEEL. For teenagers, Post-it® Super Sticky Notes can help to encourage responsible choices. Leave a note on a steering wheel – “Be safe tonight.” Or “Please call if you need a ride.”
  8. FOLDER NOTES.  More and more teachers have their students keep a dedicated folder in their bags to shuttle assignments or messages between home and school. Your child will see this every day. Leave a Post-it® Note with encouragement or well wishes before a big test or activity.
  9. TAKE IT OUTSIDE.  “Your bike is lonely.” “How many free throws can you hit in a row?” Or “It’s a beautiful day to walk the dog.” Leave a Post-it® Note near the TV or game controller that nudges your child to play outside.

Have you used Post-it® Products to communicate with your family in an interesting way? If so, share what’s worked for you with the Post-it® Community on Instagram by tagging @postitcanada in your photo, or on Twitter by using @PostitCanada in your tweet.



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