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Work Life Balance

It’s February and that means we can look forward to Family Day! Don’t we all need a long weekend with our families in the middle of the long dark winter? It seems that with so many other thing competing for our attention, it’s easy to let family time slip away on us.

One way to make family a priority is to always have a fun activity nearby. If you have a deck of cards on the coffee table, someone will pick them up. If you start a family jig saw puzzle on the dining room table, kids will start to help you build the puzzle.

The same goes when you put up a Post-it® Dry Erase Surface on the wall in your family room, and leave some dry erase markers around. Suddenly, your kids are doodling instead of watching TV. A spontaneous game of Pictionary or hangman can be initiated. I love the large format, and because it has a dry erase surface, we’re saving trees and being environmental friendly.

The Post-it® Dry Erase Surface can also be cut to custom sizes. I have covered a few clipboards so the kids can also take the fun on the road in the car or into a restaurant. A simple solution to connect families and to keep our fun family time a priority.
For more creative ideas, visit here.

Post-it®Dry Erase Surface is available at Staples Canada. Supplies may vary, based on inventory.


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