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You’ve found it….The Post-it® Brand Ideas Blog

We think it’s just fantastic that you found us and we’re thrilled to provide you with new, colourful and practical ideas to help make day-to-day life just a bit easier for you. 😉

About Us
We’re the brand team behind Post-it ® Brand at 3M Canada and located in London, Ontario. We’re truly Post-it® Note enthusiasts (really, you should see our desks and homes; we’ll even post a photo for you sometime!) and thought it would be a great idea to share with you some of the ideas we’re inspired by. Our contributors from the team are: Scott Blanchard, Jennifer Solomon, Adele Huffman, Janet Jarret, Andrea Lukac and Monica Jordan. Sometimes guest bloggers will contribute to the blog to provide fresh ideas.

So, why the Post-it® Brand Ideas blog?
Do you want practical ideas to help organize your life, or maybe you’re looking to become more productive, or creative? We’re happy to tell you that you stumbled upon the right place! Our fans on Facebook and  Twitter have responded really well to these types of ideas in the past, so naturally, we’ll keep the ideas coming.

What you can expect
Each week, we will bring you fun projects or ideas from the following areas:
• Connections;
• Productivity;
• Education ;
• Creativity; and
• Special features.

wedding planning_cropped

Feedback is awesome
Do you think we could use an additional category for ideas? Have a project suggestion? Are we posting something that’s a little ‘blah’ and could use more fun? Be sure to tell us how we can improve.


Please feel welcome to comment in the ‘comments’ sections underneath each post. Your feedback is appreciated.

The Post-it ® Brand Team


P.S. Feel free to use the official hashtag #Postitideas when you mention us online! 🙂




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