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Inspiration through Origami: How Jenny Chan uses Post-it® Notes to make life more fun

Do you ever ask yourself if you should exercise some more creativity or have some sort of “creative outlet”? Or, perhaps you’re always on the hunt for crafts you can do with your kids, or nieces and nephews. 

A really neat art project you can engage in is Origami!

If you’re a newbie or a pro, be sure to check out Jenny Chan’s website. She walks you through how to create fun origami projects, using video to showcase some tips and tricks.

Let us know if you try these projects and feel free to send over pictures of them on our Facebook page.

The Post-it® Brand Team

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Jenny Chan is the creator of over 100 papercraft videos, with instructions on a huge range of projects, from how to fold a simple flower to how make a peacock out of a dollar bill.

Jenny got started doing origami when she was just a little girl, and, like many origami beginners, she found the printed instructions that came with her origami paper pretty difficult to follow. So, later in life, when she was looking for a project, she was inspired to make the fun of origami more accessible for everyone by showing how it’s done on YouTube.


She got started about two years ago, and has since completed dozens more projects. She designs her own origami, kirigami (cut and folded paper) and other papercraft projects, as well, and tries to make every video as clear and fun to follow as possible.


People often ask her if they can complete her projects with Post-it® Notes. Her answer? “Of course! They’re a good solution…they’re readily available and already cut into 3×3 squares.”

She likes how accessible Post-it® Notes make origami – they’re more affordable than fancy paper, and come in lots of different colors to experiment with. They make origami into something everyone can try.

In fact, Jenny adds, “I’m a huge advocate of Post-it® Notes. I have them in every size and color…it’s kind of an obsession.”


Jenny gets a lot of inspiration from the comments her fans leave on her YouTube videos, and uses those ideas to create new projects and crafts. Her fans’ requests for Post-it® Note origami led her to create a heart-shaped bookmark that takes special advantage of the adhesive stripe on the back of Post-it® Notes..

Watch her video and make a heart-shaped bookmark of your own!


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