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Poppytalk Perfects Wedding Décor With From Post-it® Brand

Fall wedding season is in full swing, and with such an exciting event comes a lot of planning and creative opportunities!

The DIY professionals and bloggers behind Poppytalk, a space for all things beautiful and handmade, share an innovative way to use Post-it® Brand as a part of wedding décor. Injecting colour into this celebratory day is a priority for many planning a wedding, and we love the way our Colours of the World Collections brighten up, an already glowing day. With just two Post-it® Products, Poppytalk teaches us how to make a beautiful photobooth backdrop, and an easy and reusable seating chart for your big day!

The Post-it® Brand Team

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p2For many who are in the midst of wedding planning, a colour scheme is often the first decision made in the décor planning process. Taking inspiration from stained glass, Poppytalk incorporates a rainbow of hues using the Post-it® Notes Colours of the World Collections. Photobooths are a popular choice for memorable wedding entertainment – both you and your guest get to go home with a tangible memory from this celebratory moment. Getting creative with a bright backdrop is a great place to incorporate your colours and this easy project can be done entirely with Post-it® Notes!
3Another way to personalize your décor is with a DIY seating chart. Using the new Post-it® Dry Erase Surface, Poppytalk gets creative with calligraphy to showcase each guest’s name. This chart is easy, can be personalized and, best of all, can be wiped clean and reused once the big day is complete!
poppytalk_weddingchart_3m-edittedPoppytalk finds beauty in all avenues of creativity and this is demonstrated in their innovative and easy DIY projects. Learn how to put these personal touches on your wedding day here: DIY Post-it Note Photobooth Backdrop



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