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Post-it® Notes x Stay You – Summer Edition

Mapping out your summer to be the best one yet!


When it comes to summer time, I find we often forget how great of an opportunity it is to accomplish our goals and live out those dreams that we have been having all year. We can’t stop complaining about how much we hate winter, or how all of the other seasons are not sunny summer days where we can be running around with friends and travelling the world. So, that’s why we are talking about mapping out your summer so that you can ACTUALLY have the best summer yet.


It can be as simple as writing down one little thing that you want to do, whether it is alone or with friends, just start with one. Getting overwhelmed with a hundred Post-it® notes to fill out can be quite easy, and this applies to a lot of things in life, so just start with something simple and doable. After writing the task you want to accomplish, the only next step is going to do it because the next thing is the most rewarding feeling.


Crossing it off the list.


I can’t begin to tell you how great of a feeling it is to simply put a line over or a checkmark beside the task you just finished. And what that will do is start, what I like to call, The Tumble Effect. After completing one task, and ticking it off, you will now have the urge to create more Post-it® notes, stick them on your wall and do the same process over again. And remember, it is very easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to having this picture perfect summer. Just never forget who you are, who your friends are, and the fact that summer comes again next year.


With that being said, stay you, stay beautiful and enjoy your summer! I will be spending mine crossing off my summer goals on my Post-it® notes, and I hope to hear that you are doing the same.


Love, j

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