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The Post-it® Note Vacation Countdown Tracker

Gearing up for your next vacation or family road-trip with the kids? Help get your kids excited about their next vacation, while getting them prepared!

For some people, the anticipation of a vacation can bring you more joy than the vacation itself. This can ring especially true for kids. To help them prepare and channel their excitement, try this 14-day Countdown Calendar. You can include small gifts to give them clues.

This project is specific to a tropical vacation to somewhere hot that involves a flight, but feel free to modify your messages to suit your specific trip!

Enjoy your trip!

The Post-it ® Brand Team

P.S. Feel free to use the official hashtag #Postitideas when you mention us online!

Skill Level: Basic

Post-it® Brand Supplies: 1 Post-it® Big Pad + Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes


  1. Use the Post-it® Big Pad to make yourself a countdown calendar two weeks before your journey. Each day, write out a new clue on a Post-it® Full Adhesive Note and put it on the kitchen table before breakfast.
  2. Place 14 Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes in rows on the Post-it® Big Pad.
  3. Number each Post-it® Full Adhesive Note, starting with 14 and working down to 1, while adding “days left” after each number.
  4. Underneath each Post-it® note, write a clever message as a ‘tease’ to what’s coming next.
  5. Once your countdown calendar is complete, it’s ready to use! As the days pass, remove the associated note and complete the action. Wait for the anticipation to build!

vacation photo

Messages to write underneath each note:

Day 14: All aboard! We’re going on a trip!

Day 13: You might need these. (gift sunglasses for each of the kids)

Day 12: We’re going up in one of these! (a pair of airline wings or toy airplane)

Day 11: Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush. (fun kids toothbrushes)

Day 10: Read all about it. (kids books on travel, adventure, coloring books)

Day 9: Hint: It’s tropical. (serve smoothies with little umbrellas)

Day 8: Don’t miss the boat! (each kid gets a bathtub toy boat)

Day 7: Watch out for falling coconuts! (Show them how to crack open a coconut and get the juice out)

Day 6: It’s magical. (teach them a card trick)

Day 5: You might need one of these. (a map of the world with a Post-it® Flag on Florida (where the ship departs) and other ports of call)

Day 4: There’s going to be a talent show! (wigs and funny hats)

Day 3: Start packing. (a backpack or any travel accessory along with snacks and games for the plane)

Day 2: Put a bowl of bananas on the table next to your mp3 player or phone with a Post-it® Note that says Press Play. (“Day-O! The Banana Boat Song” plays and everyone dances around)

Day 1: “Yeh, mon. We’re going on a Caribbean cruise!” (Make a full Caribbean breakfast with plantains, rice and black beans, melons, eggs and virgin banana daiquiris.)


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