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3M’s Digital Planning Starts With Post-it ® Notes

Creativity can be expressed in many different ways. These Post-it® Notes super users make the most of collaborative sessions starting with our bright notes.

We’ve identified companies that love Post-it®Products and use our Notes in unique ways that inspire productivity and collaboration. These super users have established the best ways to use Post-it® Notes within their workplace to optimize efficiencies and innovation.

For 3M Canada, process management is the connecting line across all stories; bridging the gap between analog and digital.

The Post-it® Brand Team
These super users know Post-it® Brand like no one else! The 3M Canada Digital Marketing team has as culture of collaboration, communication and organization with Post-it® Notes being an essential element of their success.

The Digital Marketing team is a key support piece at 3M Canada. The team dips their toes in multiple projects across the organization and Post-it® Notes are always a vital piece in project management. Having a place to visualize and organize their thoughts is very important, especially when working cross-functionally with multiple teams on lead generation, social engagement projects, social publishing and contests. With organized task boards, the team tracks project status by staying on top of daily to do’s.

Using Post-it® Notes, the “Scrum Master” organizes and leads the discussion. Basically, each project is divided into stories and further into individual tasks; each represented with a unique colour, often showcasing the latest colour collections (such as the blues of the Bora Bora Collection!) Sprints function as bi-weekly organization meetings where planning of work from a pool of tasks is managed. Monday morning sprint meetings allow the team to set expectations for the week, while daily check-ins help to uncover road blocks and check off completed tasks. As items are executed and completed they are moved horizontally across the board to the next stage of the process: 1) to do 2) in progress 3) complete.
_3M24643What happens when the meeting is over? The Post-it® Plus App keeps the momentum going! Once a discussion is complete the team can capture all meeting thoughts by snapping a photo of the sprint board with a tablet or smartphone. What was once tangible on paper now transforms into a digital version where users can virtually arrange and organize the Notes and share them with multiple people in multiple ways through Powerpoint, Excel, Dropbox, PDF. Ideas can be added post-meeting and new thoughts can be built by creating new digital Notes using the app. This innovative tool allows teams to provide of-the-moment updates and daily analysis of tasks without having to actually schedule a meeting – this means the process is always up-to-date! As a group that works to digitize many aspects of the organization, it’s no surprise they are also bridging the gap between analog and digital with this technology.
_3M24587What does 3M’s Digital Marketing team love best about Post-it®Products? They stick! Being visual and tangible fosters collaboration amongst the team and keeps everyone on top of daily to do’s. Not to mention, they’re great for leaving quick notes to colleagues, whether about updates in process or just for the fun of it.

“We make Post-it® Notes and LOVE everything about them! Embedded in our culture, it is no wonder they have become an essential part of how we plan projects, organize our tasks and communicate within the organization.” – Digital Marketing team. 

It’s natural for 3M to love Post-it® Brand, but how they use them makes all the difference. The Digital Marketing team optimizes project management by fostering collaboration, communication and organization every step of the way. From start to finish each project uses tangible and digital innovations to track process efficiently.

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