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5 tips for effective study habits

With back-to-school planning in full force and school starting in September, it’s great to start developing strong routines (including study habits!)

Education is important and studying is the foundation of success during school. All too often, students do not realize that some of the most common study habits are actually rather ineffective.

Here are a few tips for more effective note taking, increased comprehension and retaining important information get the school year started off right!

The Post-it ® Brand Team

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5 tips for effective study habits

1. Test track-back. Highlighting and underlining are common techniques, but they are actually low utility. Try “flagging” or “marking” important areas using Post-it® Message Flags to indicate what information will be on the test or use Post-it® Writable Flags to call out important areas that need attention. 3M 684arr1 anw pic 300dpi-22. Jot your ideas down as you read. As you read through notes or a textbook, summarize information and make note of key facts on Post-it® Note Tabs. Keep a “brain vault” of important ideas as they occur so that it is easier to recall and review information.3M 686L-PGO pic 300dpi3. Ask yourself ‘why’. As you read, take notes and study, ask “why”. Self-interrogation and asking yourself “what do I know” or “what new information does it provide me” helps you to understand the materials and connect the dots.

4. Organize & colour-code. Stay organized and keep everything in place. Try colour-coding materials by subject and be consistent. When everything is easy to find, you reduce brain clutter and avoid wasting time searching for items you need. 3M 684arr1 anw pic 300dpi5. Avoid cramming. Don’t cram for exams! To better retain information, spread out study sessions and study in intervals. Try “self tests” to evaluate where you are comfortable and where you need to put in more time. Getting a good night sleep before the test instead of staying up late to study is beneficial.

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