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Creativity ignites transformation for Combustion

Transformation starts with creativity for these Post-it® Notes super users!

We’ve identified companies that love Post-it® Products and use our Notes in unique ways that inspire productivity and collaboration. These super users have established the best ways to use Post-it® Notes within their workplace to stay organized, optimize efficiencies and innovation.

For Combustion, creativity is the key to transforming organizations – and transforming organizations is sparked from transforming the people who work for them.

The Post-it® Brand Team

Irreverent, relentless, and passionate, Combustion is truly committed to making a difference for the people and organizations they help transform. From CEOs to front-line staff, Combustion trains individuals to creatively deliver innovative solutions to all business challenges. Developing and refining winning solutions are at the core of Combustion’s nature.

6Post-it® Notes are a fundamental part of Combustion’s creative training process. They are an integral part of training the Thinklab™, a creativity process and methodology workshop that the brand brings to its clients, helping people to discover the power of rapid ideation and idea building. Participants capture ideas on Post-it® Notes, move them around to combine and build on them, and refine them into winning solutions.
on table“With real, super sticky Post-it® Notes, you can place, re-place, move and cluster and combine ideas endlessly with no risk of ‘idea confetti.”

Using Post-it® Notes liberates the creative expression of each participant in the Thinklab™ workshop. Each person receives their own pad of Post-it® Notes, captures their ideas at their own pace and posts them for others to see and build upon. The process inspires true collaboration, that’s free from judgement! After a session is complete, Combustion uses the Post-it® Plus App to capture and work with the ideas digitally that were developed in the meeting. This is another way Post-it® Brand is helping bridge the analog and digital worlds as one.
Room PostIts1Not only does Combustion foster collaboration with their clients during training session, the brand itself is crazy for Post-it® Notes! Whether planning or ideating, Combustion is sure to use the product to connect, collaborate and spread creativity both internally and externally.


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