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How PumpWELL Combines Innovation and Collaboration

Innovation often starts with collaboration. These Post-it® Notes super users have perfected business cycles and it starts with our bright notes.

We’ve identified companies that love Post-it® Products and use our Notes in unique ways that inspire productivity and collaboration. These super users have established the best ways to use Post-it® Notes within their workplace to optimize efficiencies and innovation.

For PumpWELL Solutions (*now Ambyint) bringing the Silicon Valley mentality to Alberta means fostering innovation; while also remembering that a little fun goes a long way!

The Post-it® Brand Team

Post-it-Image2Launch fast, fail fast, iterate faster! That’s the mentality that has driven the success of PumpWELL Solutions, a leader in artificial lift optimization in the oil industry. Based out of Calgary, AB, PumpWELL has created a unique business culture with technology at its core: its innovation lab was specifically designed to inspire collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking, with the space offering a whopping 20,000 square feet. Bringing Silicon Valley-style thought leadership to the prairies; Post-it® Notes help to foster innovation.

From product development to client services, most employees and departments at PumpWELL, use Post-it® Products in creative and innovative ways. A cycled process has been streamlined across multiple departments to ensure that tasks are organized and progress is tracked. Post-it® Notes allow their teams to make mistakes, redirect and arrive at the solution faster, which is what many who have found success in Canada’s oil fields strive for. The ever-evolving industry is always moving forward innovation.

The Product Development team brings a responsive approach to collaborative projects, which promotes continuous improvement and encourages flexible change. The team begins its development process by using Post-it® Notes to plan three weeks of work, with each approved tasks written on a Post-it® Note and moved to the ‘Scrum Wall.’ The Scrum Wall tracks all activity during the product development life cycle. Acting as the task tracker for the three week timeline assigned, each task/Post-it® Note is moved from one stage to the next, from analysis in progress, to development, to release.

Post-it® Notes are great for giving a visual representation of the day’s priorities. First thing in the morning, write down each task and place it in plain sight. Once completed, crumple it up and throw it out. You get the satisfaction of a task being completed and physically are able to move on from it.”

PumpWELL,, uses Post-it® Products in its Kanban Approach, a system that focuses on just-in-time delivery. Each person on the team takes ownership of one task featured on a bright note and follows it through to completion. The approach ensures that employees don’t feel overwhelmed with their work, and stay focused on the task at hand.
Post-it-Image3Clients are also part of a cycle! As the Business Development team evaluates prospective clients, each is moved through a sales cycle to ensure all the correct steps are followed when taking on someone new. This also means that by the time the new client is onboarded the team is already very familiar with their practices, goals and expectations. In the spirit of transparency and collaboration, PumpWELL believes that each member of the team should know each client and where their specific tasks land in the development cycle. Collaboration comes in when the entire team, and not just account leads, provide additional insights and brainstorm solutions for each client. When working with PumpWELL,  feeling like part of a family is a key part of success.
Post-it-Image11Post-it® Notes play a big role in culture, too! With stacks and stacks of Post-it® Notes at their disposal, in every colour under the sun, they are used to humorously label items or decorate co-workers’ offices. While notes play a huge part in process and organization, these innovators remember that creativity, humour and the odd practical job also foster organic collaboration. Anything goes at PumpWELL!


**NOTE: Since article was published, the company PumpWELL has changed its name to ‘Ambyint‘. 

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