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Innovation starts with collaboration

Creativity can be expressed in many different ways. Post-it® Note super users make the most of collaborative sessions starting with our bright notes.

We’ve identified companies that love Post-it® Products and use our Notes in unique ways that inspire productivity and collaboration. These super users have established the best ways to use Post-it® Notes within their workplace to optimize efficiencies and innovation.

For Children’s Miracle Network, ideating with Post-it® Notes is the first step to creating real miracles.

The Post-it® Brand Team

For these Post-it® Notes super users, generosity and community are the key to discovering ways to help as many children as possible.

At Children’s Miracle Network, a dedicated Innovation Team is responsible for exploring fundraising ideas, models and programs that have helped them raise funds for 170 children’s hospitals across North America. Member hospitals have treated 98% of all children needing heart or lung transplants and 88% of all children with cancer. When a donation is given, it stays local, helping improve the lives of nearby kids by supporting research and training, purchasing equipment and paying for uncompensated care. Over $230 million is donated every year, most of it $1 at a time.
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This team knows all about making real life miracles happen and what it takes to influence children through their work.

Every stage of the innovation process uses Post-it® Notes, from clarifying problems to generating ideas. Capturing and visualizing projects allows the Innovation Team to enhance collaboration within the group and see where ideas overlap. Why does the Innovation Team love Post-it® Notes ? Sometimes the most complicated discussions can be simplified using clustering tools, empathy maps, project prioritizations or even organizational chart re-designs. Every single idea leads back to Children’s Miracle Network’s initiative to support local hospitals in helping kids in need.

Post-it® Notes allow ideas to be organized and ever-evolving, as each team member creates and moves notes around. When a brainstorm is complete, each Post-it® Note can be recycled, leaving the meeting room looking virtually untouched.
The Innovation Process:
1) Identify your topics and assign each one a specific colour (for the Innovation Team, yellow = a pain point).
2) Then, build out thoughts individually and showcase the Post-it® Notes on the wall.
3) As a group, cluster similar themes together and discuss as you go (label each theme with a new colour Post-it® Note).
Brainstorms like these have allowed the Innovation Team to identify common ideas across unique divisions. The team’s innovative thinking has helped to inspire both their associated partners and each other. Putting pen to paper helps Children’s Miracle Network work towards a goal of creating real-life miracles.


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