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Life Well-Lived Begins With Creative Collaboration for Impressed App

Inspiration sparks creation and organization for these Post-it® Notes super users!

We’ve identified companies that love Post-it® Products and use our Notes in unique ways that inspire productivity and collaboration. These super users have established the best ways to use Post-it® Notes within their workplace to optimize efficiencies and innovation.

For Impressed App, digital life meets physical space fostering modern and beautiful transformations, and DIY inspiration.

The Post-it® Brand Team

Modern, beautiful and innovative, Impressed is a mobile app which aims to showcase a ‘life well-lived’ for all its users. Whether travel, parties or pets, Impressed helps create lasting mementos of our favourite things – through easy to make prints straight from a user’s iPhone. Surrounding yourself with prints of where you’ve been and where you’re going are at the core of Impressed’s guiding principles.

Post-it® Notes are an integral part of Impressed’s innovation and collaboration process, and are featured on the dedicated ‘innovation wall.’ Each time a team member has a creative idea it’s captured on a Post-it® Note and placed on a wall for everyone to see. At the end of each week, teams come together to review ideas – it’s a collective effort from start to finish!
Processed with VSCOcam “We love that Post-it® Notes come in multiple colours and sizes making it easy to code our ideas! Yellow is used for new product ideas, blue for app feature ideas and pink for marketing ideas.”

Not only does Impressed use Post-it® Notes in its innovation process, they’re also a great tool used in the preparation of visual content! Post-it® Notes are often used to mock up various décor scenarios, and even act as placeholders for prints before executing photo shoots to showcase their products in online and social content.

Processed with VSCOcam

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