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Office On The Go

The workplace has changed radically in the past few decades. It’s hard to believe that my father had a huge roll-top desk in his office. It was as big and as hard to move as a piano! He knew he would work at that desk in that office for his entire career. Same job, same office, same desk. Imagine?

Today, people switch career streams and employers regularly. Most people work in a variety of locations. I am self-employed and am regularly on the road for speaking engagements and workshops. I work from home, on commuter trains, in hotel executive business suites, at off-site office pods, and even from my car. As a society, we are always on the move with laptops, smart phones and data filled USB sticks.

This generation is also more likely to integrate our working hours into our personal life. Who doesn’t take work home? And that means we also integrate personal activities into our workday too.
Keeping ourselves organized when we don’t have a “home base” can prove challenging, but I have created systems for myself that allows me to move information with me by using Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes which I can affix to the lid of my laptop and the back of my phone. The full adhesive surface means they won’t peel off when I pull my computer in and out of its case, or when I toss my phone in my purse.
3m_blog_images3The great thing about Post-it® Notes with adhesive backing is that I can grab the grocery list that is stuck on the fridge and stick it on my computer so I remember to stop at the store on the way home. I then grab the list from my computer and re-stick it to the handle of my grocery cart. The note goes where I go.

Thanks to hands free technology, I use my driving time to return phone calls. I write the names and phone numbers on a full adhesive Post-it® Note on back of my phone. Today I had a call that I knew I needed to ask three  specific questions so I scribbled those on my phone’s Post-it® Note and adhered it to my car’s dashboard as a way to jog my memory.



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