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Peer study ideas: Learning a foreign language

Languages are a beautiful thing and are meant to be shared.

We think this applies to  language learning techniques, as well!

Here’s a system to improve your foreign vocabulary with the help of your friends.

Let us know if this helps you.

The Post-it ® Brand Team

P.S. Feel free to use the official hashtag #Postitideas when you mention us online!

  1. Gather up a small group of classmates. LearningForeignLanguage_01
  2. Discuss particular words/phrases/techniques that you can help eachother with. LearningForeignLanguage_02
  3. Divide up those topics and place each foreign word on a Post-it® Note, along with your native speaking counterpart. LearningForeignLanguage_03
  4. Stick your Post-it® Notes in easy-to-see places like your bedroom walls, bathroom mirrors, etc. languageNewBoat
  5. Once you’ve confidently mastered your set, trade them with your peers and prepare to master some new ones. LearningForeignLanguage_05

Post-it® Brand Supplies: Post-it® Notes

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