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Reading tips: How to keep track of quotes

Keeping track of important quotes tends to come in handy once you’re finished reading a book. If you read the book for fun, you’ve likely saved your favourite parts to look at later. If read it for a school assignment, it provides you with an automatic study guide, or a leg up on the paper you’re going to have to write.

There are a couple of easy ways to keep track of things to help make organization a bit easier, and we’ve listed them below.

The Post-it ® Brand Team

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Post-it® Brand Supplies: Post-it®  Arrow Flags and Post-it® Notes

Method #1: Post-it® Study Arrow Flags

Grab some Post-it® Arrow Flags and assign each character in your book its own a colour. For example, Hazel gets blue, Augustus gets green, Isaac gets orange and Van Houten gets yellow. Anyone else with a memorable or important quote gets pink.


Now, as you read through the book, just keep your arrow flags with you, and put an arrow flag with the character’s color in the right spot on the page whenever you come to a quote you like or want to remember.

The good part about this method is that everything’s all in one place for you to find later on, and it’s easy to look back at your favourite parts.

Method #2: Post-it® Study Notes
Get a multi-colored pack of Post-it® Notes and assign each character a colour, just like in the arrow flag method.

As you read along, write each quote and the page number on the right colour note, and either put it on the page where the quote appears, or in your English notebook or folder.


The great part about this method is that you can take the Post-it® Notes with you in a separate place, arrange them on your desk in groups by character, or otherwise shuffle them around while you’re writing or studying.


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