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Host a Celebration with ‘Style’ using DIY Party Decorations

The days are longer, temperatures are rising and the summer season that’s best spent among friends, is here! 

Are you hosting any backyard or house parties in the coming weeks? if so, why bother heading out to buy party decorations when you can create your own at home for a fraction of the cost, while customizing your colour scheme?

If you answered ‘yes’ to ANY of those questions, this week’s project is just for you. 🙂

We’re teaching your how to create your own party decor using Washi Tape, and it’s a great way to stand out as a host.

Let us know if you like this idea, or if you would like to see more like it.

The Scotch® Brand Team… xox

SKILL LEVEL: Basic to  intermediate

TIME NEEDED: Approximately 1 hour (for a four person place setting)

Scotch® Brand Supplies:
You can buy these items at a Staples store near you.

Scotch® Expressions Washi Quatrefoil Sunset Tape
Scotch® Expressions Washi Pink Quatrefoil Tape
Scotch® Expressions Washi Gold Solid Tape

• A sharp knife
• Plastic cutlery (in the colour of your choice)
• Paper lanterns
• Coloured cardstock
• Coloured string (or baker’s twine)
• Gold gel pen
• Cheap-and-cheerful mirrors (of your choice)

Plan and prep. This party place setting consists of four mini-projects that work together to give you the look you’re after! Make sure you have all the supplies listed above, and you may want to consider such additional props such as: white metal lanterns, white cup holder for cutlery and colourful place mats that match your colour selection.


Nametags with Square Bunting. Take your cardstock and fold in half to create name holders. Then, take your string and measure the length of the folded card, as you’ll be tying the string around the centre (across the fold). To create the bunting, cut a piece of washi tape about 1 1/2″ – 2 1/2″ long (so each piece is about ¾ to 1” long once folded. Fold the washi tape around your string at the halfway point so it adheres to itself. Repeat this step by alternating tapes, and trim the edges straight; or as you desire. Tie the bunting around a tent card, repeat this process for your four guests and Voila! You have cutesy name tags for your guests.


Napkin Rings. This step requires your string (or baker’s twine) and your two patterned washi tapes. Refer to the steps above used to create ‘bunting’ however, use a longer piece of string to get the desired effect. Repeat this for your four guests. Once you have your four pieces of bunting, wrap cutlery in napkins and tie each piece of bunting around securely to create your napkin ring.


Custom Lantern Décor. Take your lantern and determine where the centre is. Choose one type of washi and adhere around the circumference, horizontally. To create the look at the bottom of the lantern, find the thin metal bar that runs around the circumference vertically and use the ‘bunting’ technique you learned earlier by using four pieces of tape at varying lengths. Make sure to trim the excess off to clean them up and cut ‘V’ shapes at the end to get a different look.


Matching wall accents. Take the cheap-and-cheerful wall mirrors you purchased for this project and grab your washi to apply strips vertically to cover the entire mirror. Carefully use your sharp knife to trim around the edges that border the mirror.

And there you have it! Some colourful entertaining décor that will leave your guests leaving special and remembering the good times you had together.


Looking for some more details and where to get some of these items? Feel free to follow our good friend Allison’s blog.  As an Interior Designer, she has more tips to help you out!  

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