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Freestyle Frames

Need to change your style, without breaking the bank? Use some frames from the around the house or your local consignment shop. No need for a matching pair, the more diverse the style, colour or size, the more interesting your end result will be! If you have your heart set on gold, but you can’t find them in your budget, simply change the finish with a quick spray of paint. It’s the random strips of pretty tape, on brightly colored paper that makes this project POP!


TIME NEEDED: Approximately 20 minutes

1. Scotch™ Expressions™ Glitter tape, Gold
2. Scotch™ Expressions™ Metallic™ Tape , Gold
3. Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Scissors


  • Gold Frames various sizes, with or without glass
  • Coloured textured poster or scrapbook paper (fuchsia or hot pink)

Freestyle Frames:

Supplies required:

1. Cut two pieces of coloured paper to the size of the inner part of the frames.
2. Apply Scotch™ Tape to the first piece of coloured paper in a wave or chevron pattern.

3. Repeat pattern four to five times depending on size of the paper

EXPERT TIP: pattern can start and end off the paper to achieve a more random result.

4. For the paper in the second frame, create a new pattern using a contrasting colour of tape. Place four vertical angled strips of tape in random places on paper and place one horizontal angled strip of tape.
5. Place paper back in frames to hang or lean on wall.
EXPERT TIP: Layer the frames in to a book shelf to create an interesting display.

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