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Halloween Foyer

It’s only a couple of weeks until those miniature ghosts and goblins come knocking at your door, or Halloween parties are in full-swing!

Surprise your guests and deck out your front hallway with some Halloween-inspired DIY ideas. This week’s project offers some “tricks” on how to complete this great look.

Do you have suggestions for us or want to request a specific type of project for the blog? Let us know in the comments below. 🙂

Have a safe and Happy Halloween from the Scotch® Brand Team!

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

TIME NEEDED: Approximately 90 minutes

Scotch® Brand Supplies:


  • Sharp utility knife
  • Straight edge ruler
  • Glass bottles
  • Fake spider
  • Picture frame OR framed mirror
  • Chalkboard

1200x1200_HalloweenFoyer_Step1Plan and prep. Choose your colour scheme and your product. If you would like to replicate the design we have featured in this project, simply refer to list above. This tutorial will assume you’ve selected these items.
1200x1200_HalloweenFoyer_Step2Potion creation. Start with a few plain glass bottles so you can create a collection of spooky potions! Wrap one bottle at its center with Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, Diagonal Stripe. Depending on the size of bottle, you can use multiple lines of tape to create a wide label on the bottle. Finish it with Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, Black to indicate the title of the potion. You can label this one: “spooky”!
1200x1200_HalloweenFoyer_Step4Bigger Round Potion. Continue creating labels on all different sized bottles to infuse some mystery. Begin to create a second bottle by covering the front side with a single line of the Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, Zig Zag. Then, wrap a single line of Scotch® Expressions Magic™ Tape, Orange around the top of the bottle. Finish this off by using tag style label around its neck. Voila! You have a spooky collection of mysterious potions to scare your guests!

Spooky Frame. By using a picture frame OR a framed mirror, you can add cobwebs to virtually anywhere in your home! Begin at one corner and place a line diagonally from the corner into the frame using Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, Black. Allow the tape to touch the frame and the glass, creating a three-dimensional effect. Depending on the size of your frame, use as many diagonal lines of tape needed to fill the space. For this size of frame, only two were used. Connect the frame with the first line of tape place horizontally; continue connecting the two lines in the center with a diagonal strip and finish with another line joining the last line of diagonal tape with the frame. Repeat this process until you fill the length of the diagonal tape lines. The spacing does not need to be even, and the ends of the diagonal lines should extend beyond the webbing. Add a fake spider to complete the look!
1200x1200_HalloweenFoyer_Step3Halloween Chalkboard. You can add touch of Halloween to other objects added to your foyer table. This chalkboard, for example, gets a quick border with Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, Diagonal Stripe.

Witches’ broomstick. A light weight witches’ broom gets hung on the wall using Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, Zig Zag. By wrapping the handle and leaving about 3-4” of the sticky side exposed you can adhere to the wall.
1200x1200_HalloweenFoyer_Step5EXPERT TIP: Be creative! Use the ideas above, but feel free to get crafty if you have more items that have some Halloween-décor potential.

A spooktacular Halloween scene that can add style to any plain hallway! Enjoy.  🙂

Looking for some more project details? Feel free to follow our good friend Allison’s blog. She’s a great Interior Designer that has helped us create this project, and has more tips to help you out.

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