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Spooky Halloween Sign

Putting together décor for Halloween is always an interesting endeavour. It’s such a playful, mischievous holiday and creating whimsical props and decorative items is all part of the fun! We’ve designed this spooky sign that can be hung anywhere to enhance your Halloween vibe. You can stake it into the front yard for trick-or-treaters or hang it in your front hall for guests.

Happy Halloween!

The Scotch® Brand Team

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

TIME NEEDED: Approximately 1 hour

Scotch® Brand Supplies:


  • Utility knife
  • Wooden sign
  • Stencils

Plan and prep. Choose your colour scheme and your product. If you would like to replicate the design we have featured in this project, simply refer to list above. This tutorial will assume you’ve selected these items.1200x1200_SpookySign_Step2
Lay out your design. Use your stencils to select a work or phrase that will fit on the sign you have selected. Here we are spelling out ‘spooky’. Add in some appropriate image stencils to fill the space and add some fun.
1200x1200_SpookySign_Step3Tape it out. Once you have used a pencil to lightly map out your word you can cover each letter with the tape pattern you wish to use. Here we have selected the patterned Scotch™ Expressions™ Washi Tape, Orange Swiss Dott and striped it with the Scotch™ Expressions™ Washi Tape, Black
1200x1200_SpookySign_Step4Cut it out. Position your stencil over the tape according to the layout you have already decided upon. You can use the stencil with your utility knife to cut a clean letter.

Peel away. Once you have cut the letter you can peel away the excess tape to reveal a striped letter beneath!
1200x1200_SpookySign_Step5Repeat. Continue with this technique for each letter and the shapes selected
1200x1200_SpookySign_Step8EXPERT TIP: Get creative with your stenciling! Use combinations of tape colours and patterns for a truly unique look!
FB_1200x1200_SpookySignLooking for some more project details? Feel free to follow our good friend Allison Cooper of Love Nest Design she has more tips to help you out.


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