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Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

Invited to a friend’s or family member’s place for dinner this Thanksgiving  and curious about how to how to wrap a wine bottle as a gift? Instead of delivering this gift in a bag, think about some more thoughtful options to deliver.

For the next dinner party you attend — whether it is for Thanksgiving or another occasion — turn that bottle of wine into a true hostess gift with some thoughtful, but easy, gift styling.

Get ready, set, go!

Do you have ideas for other decorative projects or themes you’d like us to post about? Tell us in the comments!

The Scotch® Brand Team… xox


TIME NEEDED: Approximately 5–15 minutes



  • Linen cardstock in Chili, black and white striped gift wrap, and craft paper
  • Stick-on letters
  • Cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler

Plan and prep. Choose your colour scheme and your product. If you would like to replicate the design we have featured in this project, simply refer to list above. This tutorial will assume you’ve selected these items.1200x1200_HostessGift_Step1Cut the paper. Using a craft knife, ruler and cutting mat, cut the paper into a band. It should be long enough to wrap around the bottle of wine (allow about an inch of overlap), and high enough to cover the wine label.
1200x1200_HostessGift_Step2Tape the paper around the bottle. Wrap the paper band around the wine bottle and secure in place with a strip of Scotch® Permanent Double Sided Tape so that the seam is at the front of the bottle. Securing your paper with the Scotch® Permanent Double Sided Tape first before adding your decorative tape design, allows you to apply the Washi tape flat and tidy, and gives you the freedom to adjust the repositionable tape as desired.
1200x1200_HostessGift_Step3Create your washi tape design. Using your Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Scissors, cut a strip of Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, Yellow Gold Stars. Make it a little shorter than the height of your paper band, and cut the ends on an angle. Attach the tape over the paper seam. Next, cut a strip of Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, Gold Solid, the same length, but with opposite angles at the ends. Align and place it down next to your first strip of washi tape.

For the craft paper wrapping, add three strips of Scotch Expressions™ Washi Tape all the way around the bottle: from top, Zig Zag, Yellow Gold Stars, then Gold Solid. For the black and white striped wrapping, I added two vertical strips of Scotch Expressions™ Washi Tape: Zig Zag and Gold Solid.
1200x1200_HostessGift_Step4Add your message. Remove the adhesive letters from their backing and attach to the paper band. In this case, you can write “Thank You” in black letters. If you want your letters straight but have trouble aligning them, mark a guiding line with a pencil and ruler. Or, for a more casual look, handwrite your message. For the black and white striped wrapping, you can write “Cheers” in gold letters.

FB_1200x1200_HostessGiftEXPERT TIP: Choose colours that coordinate with the cap and any neck band or other labelling that won’t be covered up by your wrapping.


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