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DIY Laminated Photo Display

What could be better than reflecting on the memories of the people, places and moments from 2019? Refreshing your wall art for the New Year is the perfect excuse to use those memories to make your home decor more personal.

Select your desired photos and print them either at home or at a store. This simple display is quick and easy, but will leave a lasting impression with all your holiday visitors. Some printed photographs, a few colours of Scotch® and metallic and sparkly tape, the Scotch® Thermal Laminator, some Scotch® Thermal Laminating Pouches, string, Scotch® Wall Mounting Tabs and a few clothes pins. Turn those forgotten photos into art.

I placed my laminated photos in the entry way, for all guests to enjoy as they arrive and to take as a little keepsake when they leave.


TIME NEEDED: Approximately 20 minutes (10 min for laminating 24 photos) and (10 minutes for stringing them on the wall).



  • String or ribbon
  • Thumbtacks (optional)
  • Clothespins
  • Printed Photos (black & white or colour) various sizes

Place printed photo into laminating pouch. Plug in your Scotch® Thermal Laminator and turn on to allow to pre-heat. Place the photo in the pouch closest to the pouch’s bonded edge. Add a strip of Scotch® Expressions Metallic Tape, Gold Crinkle on a diagonal to each of the four corners of the photo inside the pouch. Use Scotch® Precision Ultra Edge Non-Stick Scissors to trim the pouch down to the size of the photo with the taped corners. Be sure to keep the adhered edge when trimming. When the light is blue on your Scotch® Thermal Laminator, place the pouch in the feed tray. (Remember to insert the adhered edge first).

Slide4Clothespin detail. To make the clothespin pretty, add a strip of Scotch® Expressions Glitter Tape of your choice to one flat side. Slide5

Hang String on wall. Measure your wall space to determine the width and height of your photo display. To prevent wall damage, use 3M™ Command® Hooks to hang approximately three rows of string on the wall. Leave 8-10 inches between each row to allow the photos to hang. If using thumbtacks, push into the wall and wrap the length of string needed from one end to the other.
Slide7Hang photos. Use the decorated clothespin to hang the photos randomly on the string.
Slide8EXPERT TIP: Adjust the width or height of your finished photo display depending on the size space you have to work with.


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