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From Bookshelf to Playhouse…Make Kid Spaces Amazing

We’re SO excited to bring you some fabulous project ideas using Scotch® Expressions Tape. We really hope our ideas help channel that ‘inner-designer’ that lives within. 😉

We just had such a blast working on our first project that was created by a local #CA Interior Designer – Allison Cooper of Love Nest Design – that we couldn’t wait to tell you! Allison’s creativity helped to take a plain bookshelf and transform it into a playhouse that can liven up your child’s bedroom or playroom.

We hope you enjoy!

The Scotch® Brand Team… xox

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

TIME NEEDED: 1.5 to 2 hours

You can buy these tapes at a Staples store near you.


  • Sharp knife
  • White bookshelf
  • Flower embellishment
  1. Plan. Examine the colour of your room and think about your colour palette for which combination of Scotch® Expressions Tape you would like to use. (If you enjoy the colours used in this example, just see supplies list above).


  1. Prep. Set up your bookshelf and wipe down with a damp cloth to clean off any dust. Allow to dry.


  1. House. Select the colour you wish to use for the outline of your house.
  2. Walls. Measure and cut two pieces of tape approximately 4-5 inches longer than the height of your house to create the sides. Line up with top of baseboard and apply to both sides, baseboard first in an upwards motion.
  3. Roof. Measure and cut two more pieces of tape and cut on a 45 degree ankle to create the roof. Apply the left-side, then the right-side to meet in the middle. The roof is now created.


  1. Chimney. To create the chimney, cut two more small pieces approximately 3-5 inches for each side with bottoms cut on diagonal. Adhere to wall, vertically with an inch between each. Cut one more piece about an inch wide to create the top of the chimney and adhere horizontally. Your roof is now complete!
  2. Colour Select. Map out and decide which colours you want to use for each of the four panels in advance.
  3. Back Panel. To create a back panel, start to apply the first piece of tape by adhering from top to bottom. Make sure the edges are lined up (with no gaps) and you apply light pressure with your finger in a downwards motion to smooth out air bubbles. Once the tape has reached the bottom, use your sharp knife to lightly score the tape lightly to finish your line.


  1. Repeat step. Repeat the above step with the next piece of tape until the panel is covered. You can overlap tapes to get the desired look and opacity you’re after, but if you’re using Scotch ® Magic™ Expressions Tape then you should pay close attention to not overlap as you may see darkening in some areas as this is more of a translucent material. Now you have one panel complete.
  2. Repeat three panels. Apply these same techniques for the remaining three panels.
  3. Flowers. Using Scotch® Expressions Tape in green to create the stem of the flower by simply lining up with baseboard upwards in a vertical motion, and then use the scissors to trim. Cut out smaller 2-3 inch length of the same tape and apply to create the leaves. Repeat this for the second flower.
  4. Flower hooks. Once you have created the flower stems and heights you’re happy with, apply flower decals. On top, apply the Command™  Brand Clear Small Hooks using the instructions provided on the packaging.

Voila! You now have a lovely playhouse for your child’s room that can be used to store toys, books or dolls; along with a functional hook area for youngsters to hang their sweaters or coats!


Looking for some more details and want to know where to get some of these items?  Then be sure to follow Allison Cooper’s blog. She’s an Interior Designer and may have some more advice that can help out!

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