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Glam Up Your New Space

New space, small budget or little time…personalize your new home with stylized DIY curtains, dual utility clear storage boxes and some blank canvas prints with your favourite coloured tape! These quick and easy projects will transform your new blank slate into a thing of beauty!


TIME NEEDED: Approximately 60 minutes

Scotch™ Expressions™ Metallic ™ Tape, Gold & Pink
Scotch™ Expressions™ Washi Tape Orange Stripe & Pink
Scotch™ Moving and Storage Tape
Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Scissors

Clear storage tote with lid
Framed canvas
Printer paper
Scotch Glam Up Your Space resized with apple
Scotch Project #3 Glam Up Your Space Re-sized with apple 21. Canvas Art Supplies Required:
Slide1Starting with your first colour of tape, place two random strips from one side of the canvas to the other, intersecting in the middle. No need to paint the canvas. Add your second colour of tape in random locations and repeat- the more abstract the better!
Slide4Your art is ready to hang on the wall!

Slide52. Utility Storage boxes
Supplies Required:
Slide6Print labels on printer paper with a border from your home computer.

Use Scotch™ Moving and Storage Tape to attach your labels to your clear boxes.
Slide7Stack your boxes next to the sofa or chair, to use as a side table. (Designer Tip: Line your clear boxes with left over gift wrap or wall paper.)

3. Stylized DIY Curtains
Supplies needed:
Slide10Lay your curtain panel on a flat surface. Start at the top of the curtain panel and place your first strip of tape on a diagonal to the right outside edge.
Slide11Use that first strip of tape as your template for the subsequent pieces.Leave a 4 to 6 inch space and place your second piece of tape in a contrasting or coordinating  colour.
Slide12Press down all your tape to make sure it is secure. Then, hang your curtain on the curtain rod.


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