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One Chair, Two Ways: Dotted Burst

Today’s post is the first in a series of two that shows the different looks you can create with Scotch™ Expressions™ Tape and a plain, wooden chair.

We’ve taken a basic chair and transformed it to create two distinctly different looks using just Scotch™ Expressions™ Tape. This project takes a black chair and infuses some personality by using polka dots; taking it from ordinary to amazing in a few easy steps!

Stay tuned for the second installment to see what we do with the same chair in white!

The Scotch® Brand Team


TIME NEEDED: Approximately I hour

Scotch® Brand Supplies:

  • Scotch™ Expressions™ Masking Tape, Mint Mosaic
  • Scotch™ Expressions™ Masking Tape, Mint Green


  • Scotch™ Designer Multi-Purpose 8” Scissors, Zebra
  • Wax paper
  • Circle punch

1200x1200_ChairPolkaDot_Step1Plan and prep. Choose your colour scheme and your product. If you would like to replicate the design we have featured in this project, simply refer to list above. This tutorial will assume you’ve selected these items.
1200x1200_ChairPolkaDot_Step2Create your polka dots. This process can be used for any project, because it basically lets you create your own custom stickers using Scotch Expressions™ Tape colors and patterns! For this project simply apply the Scotch™ Expressions™ Masking Tape in Mint Green and Mint Mosaic to a sheet of wax paper. Use your scissors to trim each strip into individual strips.
1200x1200_ChairPolkaDot_Step3Circle punch. Take each strip and use your circle punch to cut out the circular shape.
1200x1200_ChairPolkaDot_Step6Polka dots. You have now created polka dot stickers! To apply simply remove the wax paper from the back of the tape and place on your chair
1200x1200_ChairPolkaDot_Step7Create the pattern. For this design we kept the polka dots clustered closely together on the upper left of the chair. By gradually placing the circles further and further apart as you move down and across the chair you create this exploding, or bursting effect.
1200x1200_ChairPolkaDot_Step4EXPERT TIP: By applying wax paper to the back of the masking tape before using the circle punch you keep the tape from sticking and tearing as you punch the shapes.
FB_1200x1200_ChairPolkaDotLooking for some more project details? Feel free to follow our good friend Allison Cooper of Love Nest Design she has more tips to help you out.

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