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Coordinate Your Move With Colour

Planning a move? Make it fun by organizing your boxes according to rooms they will land in at your new location. Make a simple packing list legend with printer paper and different colours of tape.  Assign each room a unique colour. As you are packing your boxes and securing them with moving and storage tape, add a strip of coloured tape to indicate the room the box belongs to. Not only will you save time, the level of organization will take the stress out of moving and make it an enjoyable experience.


TIME NEEDED: Approximately 10 minutes


  • Scotch™ Moving and Storage Tape (available at Walmart)
  • Scotch™ Expressions™ Masking Tape arrows™
  • Scotch™ Expressions™ Washi Tape, Orange
  • Scotch™ Expressions™ Washi Tape, blue waves
  • Scotch™ Expressions™ Metallic Tape, Gold


  • Moving boxes
  • Printer Paper

|Product Required:
Move 1
Type or write a list of rooms that are being packed for your move. Print at home.

Move 2
Use Scotch™ Moving and Storage Tape to securely seal packed moving boxes.
Move 3
Add a strip of coloured Scotch™ Expressions™ Washi Tape, Scotch™ Metallic Tape or Scotch™ Masking Tape to the box you wish to coordinate with.
Move 4
Coordinate the Scotch™ Tape type/colour used on the moving box to the tape colour on the packing list.

EXPERT TIP: Use a permanent marker to write contents on the Scotch® Tape.

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