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Moving – How to be prepared for the big day

A few tips and tricks to help you prepare for your move.


I lived through a few moves in my lifetime, and to think that two years ago, we were in moving mode (house purged, packing started, some boxes already moved) just to change our mind along the way and chose to renovate instead. But anyway, that’s a subject for another post! 😉


Over the years, I learned one thing: the better prepared you are for a change, read here for a move, the better everything will go. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you prepare for the big day.


Make lists


Whether on an app or on paper, make lists. Not only will it help you visualise all there is/is left to do, but it will help you clear your mind. Let’s be honest, lists are therapeutic.


Add color, post them in visible locations so everyone knows the plans/things to do in connection with the move, and above all, enjoy crossing off the completed tasks.



Involve the kids


If your kids are big enough, give them tasks so they can help you with the move. They can pack boxes with toys, books and clothes.



Have the right tools to pack your boxes


There is nothing more frustrating than preparing boxing without the right tools. First of all, ensure you have boxes that will hold up to the task, especially for the heavier items. Did you know that some shops/stores give their boxes away? This is an easy way to have some good quality ones.


Also, take packaging tape. The Scotch® Packaging Moving Tape is excellent because you can seal and carry boxes that weigh up to 80 pounds. The dispenser is also convenient and easy to use. Even the kids will be able to seal the boxes and, from experience, it’s a task they greatly enjoy. Let’s not forget their packaging stretch wrap that is also very useful, just like the Scotch® Long Lasting Storage Packaging Tape.

Don’t forget to have good quality scissors and permanent markers. There is nothing more frustrating than markers that don’t work well.


A bit of investment can save you a great deal of frustrations.


Get a book about the subject


If your kids are small, I suggest you buy a book dealing with this subject. This way, you can raise the topic with them from a different angle. This often leads to more reflections and discussions with the little ones.


Have fun


I understand that it’s a stressful period for the family, but try to include – and even plan –moments where you can have some fun. Whether you put on a family favorite playlist while packing boxes, order a meal everyone enjoys for break time or plan activities (short and cheap) that will allow you to change the scenery for a few moments, say hello to the ice cream parlour or enjoy a jump in the pool!


If moving is your reality this year, I hope everything goes smoothly

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