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The Personalized Gift Bag

Personalize Zoe’s Unique Gift Bag

Creating something truly personal and unique is the greatest gift of all. Scotch Expressions™ Tape lets you add the special touches to your gift that show you care.

The Personalized Gift Bag

Get ready to get creative! Have some fun turning a plain bag into a gift that’s as unique as they are.


  • Scotch Expressions ™ Metallic Tape in Red
  • Scotch Expressions™ Glitter Tape in Silver
  • Scotch® Scissors
  • Scotch Expressions™ Glitter Tape in GoldPlain Paper Gift Bag

Step One
Cut one strip of gold tape that’s longer than the width of the gift bag, and line it up horizontally with the bottom of the gift bag.

Step Two
Cut one strip of silver tape that’s longer than the length of the gift bag, and line it up vertically with the right side of the gift bag.

Step Three
Cut and place a strip of red tape horizontally. Pull up the edges of the silver and gold tape so the gold is on top of the red.


Step Four

Place another strip of red tape vertically, and stick it down under the gold. Smooth the gold tape down, ensuring the silver piece is on top. Add a strip of silver tape horizontally above the red tape, and continue to weave.

Step Five
Trim edges of the tape with the scissors. Choose a coordinating tissue paper to complete your gift!


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