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Mini Trees for the Mantel

The mantel is one of the most traditional places to decorate for the Holidays. They can feature themed items, or be decked out with garland, and twinkling lights. From minimal to extravagant, the right combination can really warm a space with Holiday cheer.

This project shows you how to take simple materials and turn them into mantel worthy Holiday decoration. They can be coordinated to match your own Holiday décor as well!

The Scotch® Brand Team

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

TIME NEEDED: Approximately .5 hour (per tree)

Scotch® Brand Supplies:

  • Scotch™ Expressions™ Magic™ Tape, Gold Foil
  • Scotch™ Expressions™ Magic™ Tape, Red Stitch
  • Scotch™ Expressions™ Magic™ Tape, Green Print
  • Scotch™ Magic™ Tape


  • Utility knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Bristol board (or pre made cone shapes)

Plan and prep. Choose your colour scheme and your product. If you would like to replicate the design we have featured in this project, simply refer to list above. This tutorial will assume you’ve selected these items.
1200x1200_MiniTreesforMantel_Step1Triangle pattern tree. Using your cutting mat, ruler and utility knife trim the tape into triangular shapes. Apply them to the cone in a line as shown. This tree alternates between Scotch™ Expressions™ Magic™ tape in Red Stitch and Scotch™ Expressions™ Magic™ tape in Green Print.
1200x1200_MiniTreesforMantel_Step2Snowflake tree. This pattern cuts the Scotch™ Expressions ™ Magic tape in Gold Foil into diamond shapes using your cutting mat, knife and ruler, as shown.

Create the pattern. Once you have cut all your diamonds apply them in a circular pattern creating this snowflake effect.
EXPERT TIP: Each cone was created by simply rolling and stapling Bristol board into cone shapes. You may need to trim the bottom so they sit flat. Alternate the color of your Bristol board to coordinate with your color scheme. Here simple black and white really make our Holiday tapes POP!
FB_1200x1200_MiniTreesforMantelLooking for some more project details? Feel free to follow our good friend Allison Cooper of Love Nest Design she has more tips to help you out.

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