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A Fresh Take On Frames…Brighten Up Your Home Office

Thanks for coming back! We hope you enjoyed last week’s post that walked you through how to transform a plain, white bookcase into a kid-friendly play piece.

We aim to bring you a new project each week that helps  foster your creativity and enable you to express yourself in order to make YOUR perfect; whatever that may be. 😉

Here’s another easy, more refined project that can help add a pop colour, personalization and sophistication to an otherwise dull office space.

Let us know if you liked this idea, or feel free to share similar stories you’ve tried at home in the comments section below.

The Scotch® Brand Team… xox


TIME NEEDED: 1 hour to 1.5 hours

Scotch® Brand Supplies:
These tapes can be purchased at a Staples store near you.


  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Straight edge ruler
  • Prints of photos or images to frame
  1. Plan. Consider the colours in your room and plan out your colour palette for the combination of Scotch® Expressions Tape you would like to use. If you enjoy the colours used in this project, simply gather the colours listed above.Frames_Step1
  2. Prep. Choose a wall you would like to decorate, wipe down with a damn cloth, allow to properly dry and visually map out the arrangement of your photos you would like to arrange. Adhere photos or prints to wall using Scotch® Removable Poster Tape and be sure to leave enough space around photos for your picture frames! Frames_Step2
  3. Create Frame # 1 (L to R): Two-toned Chevron Frame. Decide how large you would to make your chevrons (we suggest 2.5 to 3 inches in length) and select your colours. Refer to the photo below and use your cutting mat’s lines to line up your choice of Washi Tape diagonally and use your sharp knife to cut a 45 degree angle across your tape piece. To create the other half of the chevron, repeat this step by mirroring this action on the other side. To get the look, replicate the previous step three times and be sure to alternate your colours. Voila!Frames_Step3
  4. Create Frame # 2 (L to R): Double Line frame. Choose one colour for this frame, as you will be using it for two applications. Measure the length and width of your photograph and cut two strips of each using your cutting mat to guide you. Using your sharp knife, cut through tape using 90 degree angles. Adhere to the photograph by placing 50% of tape strip directly on to photo, and the other 50% directly onto the wall. For the second frame, you repeat the steps involved in the first frame, but, measure your strips to be approximately one inch longer than before. Arrange tape carefully to ensure you adhere in straight lines. You have your frame!
  5. Create Frame # 3 (L to R): Frame with Crosses. Select two colours for this frame; one to outline three of your image sides and the other colour to complete the six crosses. For the frame outline, measure the length of your photo and apply the measurement to two strips of tape using your cutting mat to guide/cut. For the third edge, measure the width of your photo and cut one strip of tape accordingly. Adhere each side by applying 50% of tape piece to the photo, and 50% directly to the wall. For the six crosses, start with deciding on the size for one. We suggest cutting two identical pieces of tape, measuring two inches each. Apply your first piece vertically, and the second piece horizontally exactly halfway through the first piece. If you are happy with the size of this, replicate five times to create an additional five crosses. Position and adhere three on each long side of frame…And you’re done!
  6. Create Frame # 4 (L to R): Vertical Arrow Frame. Decide how large you would like your arrowhead (we suggest 2.5 to 3 inches in length). Refer to the photo below and use your cutting mat’s lines to line up your choiceofWashi Tape diagonally and use your sharp knife to cut a 90 degree angle into the tape. To create the other half of the arrowhead, repeat this step by mirroring this action on the other side. Using your sharp knife, cut the third strip of tape with anglededgesin order to close the triangle (arrowhead).To create the ‘fletching’ (the part of the arrow where feathers would be),replicate the previous step used to create the arrowhead, three times, but don’t close the triangle with the third piece of tape. Your arrow is complete.Frames_Step4

There you have it! A trendy office space produced on a budget that highlights imagery you hold dear to your heart or that inspires you.Frames_without_border

Looking for some more details and where to get some of these items? Feel free to follow our good friend Allison’s blog. As an Interior Designer, she has more tips to help you out.

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