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Evolving the office

The concept of “the office” is evolving quickly – more of us take our office with us every day, wherever we go. Yet, we still need access to supplies that help us get things done.

Your office, wherever you need it to be
Brendon Schrader is the CEO of Antenna, a company that places consultants with companies who need their expertise – and Antenna consultants are constantly on the go. “The idea of a mobile workforce is critical to our success. We see it as a competitive advantage,” says Brendon. “Our employees love working on their own terms. They often decide when, where and how they work to fit their unique needs, preferences and schedules … They’re not tied down to one desk at one office all week.”

Along with mobility and freedom, however, come unique challenges. “When you’re working on the go, you won’t have traditional office luxuries like access to a full IT team next door or your favorite desk chair. But it is critical to have the right technology and tools to be mobile,” says Brendon.

So how do we stay productive in an ever-changing office environment? Brendon has some tips. “The key is understanding how you work best,” he says. “Then, you can create a structure that allows you to work where and when you are most productive. As more companies rethink how work gets done, there’s no doubt that flexible work spaces, creative scheduling and the idea of a more mobile workforce will become mainstream … Over time, many people enjoy the simplicity of carrying their entire office in a backpack.”

Evolving Office Storage
Need to stow your office supplies on-the-go? Try using these great Stainless Steel Bento Boxes. They can help keep your essential items neatly organized and ready at a moment’s notice, like Scotch® Magic™ Tape, Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape, paper clips and rubber bands.

For better storage and organization at the office, try a modular desk organizer. It has multiple dividers which allow you to customize your nooks and crannies as needed, for all of your office essentials such as Scotch® Double Sided Tape, pens, pencils and Post-it® Super Sticky Notes.

An office on wheels
Kathryn Sieve is a clothing designer who launched her womenswear brand, Winsome Goods, in 2014. In addition to working in her Minneapolis studio, she travels the country in a vintage trailer that she renovated to create the Winsome Mobile Design Studio. The mobile studio allows Sieve to design capsule collections for specific cities she visits, and becomes her office, studio, and home on the road. In both spaces, Sieve prefers to contain all of her business operations under one roof — design, production, and shipping.

Her approach means that she needs her tools and supplies organized and on hand at all times. Sieve uses Scotch™ Magic® Tape to attach sketches and inspiration to mood boards in her studio, and to keep her delicate patterns together, which are essential for production. “I like having everything under one roof so that I can see everything that’s happening, and there isn’t that wasted time or material or energy,” says Sieve. “Being able to quickly tape an idea or a sketch up in the studio is important — I need quick, visual reference points while I’m working.”a

“Being able to quickly tape up an idea or a sketch in the studio is important. I need quick, visual references points while I’m working.” – Kathryn Sieve, WINSOME GOODS

Scotch™ Magic Tape can be used to piece together ideas, combine thoughts and make changes on a mood board for inspiration.

Antenna is a consulting firm that provides the right company with the right marketer, at the right time. Founded by CEO Brendon Schrader, Antenna is based in Minneapolis, MN, and employs over 100 people who work with dozens of different companies.

Winsome Goods
Winsome Goods is the boutique womenswear brand started by Minneapolis, MN-based designer Kathryn Sieve. Awarded “Best Fashion Designer” by City Pages, Sieve designs, creates, and ships every Winsome garment under one roof.





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